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Flooring options are an important decision when building or remodeling a home. Timber flooring is a practical and cost-effective option when you are weighing your options. Timber floors can be beautiful in your home and are durable, easy to clean, long-lasting, and look great.

Timber floors come in many styles and colors. A majority of homeowners prefer a classic, warm look for their home so they choose a timber floor polishing Melbourne. Their choice often depends on the interior theme of their home. There are many options for timber flooring. Each option offers unique benefits. Here are some of the most popular options for timber flooring.

Rose Gum: This gum has average durability and pink/red-brown color. It has a straight grain pattern.

Black butt: This is a beautiful color and less flammable. This is a better choice for areas that are susceptible to bush fires.

Spotted Gum: This is a darker brown color with polygonal patterns. This solid timber wood is used to frame homes and decks.

Ironbark: The colors range from dark reds to dark, dark browns. This is a strong and dense timber that is very popular for hardwood flooring.

A timber floor has many advantages. They are non-toxic, won’t split, require little maintenance, and are easy to patch if needed. There are many finishes available, including wax, natural oil, and polyurethane. For rich colors, the natural oil penetrates well. The homeowner can choose the look that suits them best. It is a popular choice for commercial and sports venues due to its durability.


1. Longevity: A solid and high-quality timber floor will last for as long as your home or building. Timber floors can be resurfaced if necessary. Carpet floors can be replaced every five to ten years due to staining and holes. This is not the case with timber floors.

2. Easy Cleaning: Timber floors are easier to clean than carpets. You can quickly get rid of dirt and dust by simply brushing the floors or vacuuming them. Your timber floors will create a positive environment in your home. A suitable steam mop can be used to clean up dirt and mud from rooms that have pets or children. It is quick and easy. Timber floors create a clean, sterile environment and can be quickly cleaned of dust.

3. Hygienic Flooring: If you’ve ever lived in a home or business that has carpets, then you know how dusty, mite-laden, flea-infested, and other parasites they can be. This can be devastating for people with allergies. Timber floors eliminate this problem by reducing discomfort and saving money. This is a wonderful relief for pet owners. 4. Value and Appeal: You can easily renovate this floor even after you have lived with it for many years. Renovating flooring to remove scratches and damage is much cheaper than replacing other types. Your floors will look brand new again with a simple sanding process and sealing. Timber floors will give your home a sophisticated look. Carpets, granite, tiles and linoleum are all in fashion when it comes to flooring trends. Timber flooring will give you a timeless, elegant look.